Pariadise Found --
The Península de Paria 

"I found a land, the most beautiful in all the world... I'm convinced this is Paradise on Earth." ...It's rare when reality exceeds holiday brochure spam. But sometimes, it just does.
Peak Practice -- Up, Down & Back Up The Andes 

Wind up the Andes and you turn the clocks back. You enter a world little-altered by the petrodollars, beauty queens and shopping malls of the 'other' Venezuela.  
Touch the Angel's Wings —
The World's Tallest Waterfall

At last we come out into the open, to a rock ledge at the foot of the mountain. There, in full view, glowing like the first gold-leaf letter of a medieval manuscript, the tallest waterfall in the world vaults from the top of the mountain's gothic cathedral façade. We've made it.
Jungle Newbie —
Orinocan Tales


Enter this world, and you cross the threshold of a cathedral. The shafts of light filter through the leaves of too-tall trees; the baroque exuberance of the vegetation. All combine to make you tread softly and speak in hushed tones. You also step back in time, to a world a million miles, and years, from your own.
Beach Blanket Babylon —
Margarita Island 

The island of Margarita, 'the pearl of the Caribbean' lies just 40 kilometres off Venezuela's mainland, but in many ways it's worlds apart. Margarita isn't large. In fact its size is probably inversely proportionate to its importance as a Venezuela's numero uno tourist destination. 
Plains, Manes & Automobiles —
The Infinite Skies of Los Llanos 

Unbending plains stretch the imagination, where mirages massage horizons with their heat-haze fingers, and clusters of cumulus clouds, their puffy shapes echoed by the military green of the gallery forests below, carpet the sky above the flat lands.
Baptism by Beat —
On the Caribbean in June

Down by the sea, the drums call. The villages of Barlovento spring from their sleepy states for the Fiesta de San Juan Bautista (St John the Baptist) in late June.
During San Juan, the tambor drums of Barlovento pound relentlessly, all day and all nigh.

Walking on the Moon —
Climbing Mount Roraima

One small step onto a tepuy's surface is one giant leap onto another planet. It's the Earth, but not as we know it. Stygian amphitheatres of rock surround you, carved over millennia by relentless rains and winds. The topography dances in a funereal carnival of invention.

Coro & the Médanos dunes
The jewel in Venezuela's colonial crown and its only desert.
In the Wake of Columbus — Along Paria's shores

East of the one-telephone town of San Juan de las Galdonas, the coastline becomes as Columbus would have seen it, over five hundred years ago.
Archipelago of Los Roques

Venezuela's greatest marine national park - where God perfected the colour blue... 
Mochima National Park  

Sunsets, snorkelling and some wonderful coastline in eastern Sucre State 
Off The Road —
Back in El Pauji & the Gran Sabana 

The definition of 'road' should be re-thought. It's a word too lightly bandied about. It trips off the tongue like tarmac. This road could do with some of that. 
Caracas —
In-Your-Face Latin Megacity and its Highway Code 

Red lights: If they're isn't a car coming, why stop? If there is, go anyway...
Things I'll Miss and Won't Miss 
Coffee fixes
The smell of sunny mornings and of the earth as it begins to rain
Falling in lust every time I leave the house 
The Food of Love

Salsa is sex. It is sensual, energetic, preferably poetic, and always leaves the three dots of intrigue in its wake, beads of sweat in the eternal battle of the sexes. It's the easiest way to get a message across in the shortest space of time.
Diamonds are a Boy's Best Friend 

It was huge. Fist-full huge. No-one could believe it at first, but there it was, glinting away like a multi-coloured million-dollar traffic light. 

Chávez & Co.

"All the best with your project," I said, not sure whether it was the right thing to say. I wasn't even sure what his project was, if indeed he had one. But that's what came into my head at the time, and that's how I said goodbye to Comandante Chávez. 


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